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Yoshitoshi woodblock print

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892)
One Hundred Aspects of the Moon: The Cry of the Fox
(Tsuki hyakushi: Konkai)
signed Yoshitoshi with artist's seal Yoshitoshi, engraver's mark Enkatsu, and published by Akiyama Buemon, 1886
oban tate-e 13 7/8 by 9 1/2 in., 35.2 by 24.1 cm
This composition is based on a kyogen drama, Konkai ('The Cry of the Fox'). Kyogen were short, humorous interludes staged between acts of a No play. In this story, a hunter is visited by his uncle, the priest Hakuzosu, who lectures his nephew on the evils of killing foxes. The hunter is nearly convinced, but after the priest departs, he hears the cry of the fox and realizes it wasn't his uncle at all but a fox in guise. The fox resumes his natural form and reverts to his wild ways, takes the bait in a trap and is captured. In this print Yoshitoshi depicts the moment the creature is in the process of transforming from the priest into the wild fox.
John Stevenson, Yoshitoshi's One Hundred Aspects of the Moon, 2001, cat. no. 13