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NoŽl NouŽt, 1885-1969
Scenes of Tokyo,Twenty-four Views: Kioi District
(Tokyo Fukkei Zen Nijuyon Mai: Kioicho)

Color woodblock print with zinc keyblock. The date and artistís name within the composition along the bottom edge, Tokyo 1937 Noël Nouët. The title on the right margin, Kioicho. With publication information on the bottom margin (reading Western-style, from left to right), Suri yoko-i (printer Yokoi), To ike-da (carver Ikeda), in katakana, Nuetto saku (made by Nouët), and publisher, Hanmoto Doi (publisher Doi). With publisherís watermark, Do, in upper left corner. Published by Doi Teiichi, ca. 1937.
39 by 26 cm
Katherine Martin, Highlights of Japanese Printmaking: Part Three - The International Perspective, New York: Scholten Japanese Art, 2008, no. 45
price: $ 1,400