Yamamura Koka, Maiko

Yamamura Koka, Toyonari, 1885-1942

Maiko (black mica on obi)

signed Toyonari ga with oval date seal Taisho kinoe ne (Taisho, year of the rat [1924]), artist's red rectangular seal, Toyonari, on lower left margin, self-published with the support of the Yamamura Koka Hanga Kankokai (Publication Society of Yamamura Koka's prints), ca. 1924

oban tate-e 15 3/4 by 11 in., 40 by 27.8 cm

In another version of this design the geometric pattern on the obi is highlighted with metallic gold printng instead of black mica. The subject of this print appears to be based on a painting, Dancing Girl (current whereabouts unknown) which illustrates a 3/4 length portrait of a maiko against a background of a screen or fusuma panel decorated with snow-covered bamboo.

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