Kishio Koizumi, Municipal Hall and Kangyo Bank

Kishio Koizumi, 1893-1945

One Hundred Pictures of Great Tokyo in the Showa Era: (no. 35) Municipal Hall and Kangyo Bank
(Showa dai Tokyo hyakuzue: Shiseikaikan to Kangyo Ginko)

the series title on the upper right followed by the date, hanga kansei ban dai nananen jugatsu saku, sanjugo kei (complete print series, 7th year [1932], 10th month, no. 35), signed Izumi in kanji and KOIZUMI KISIO in red block Roman letters, self-carved, self-printed, ca. October 1932

15 1/2 by 12 in., 39.5 by 30.4 cm

In 1928 Kishio Koizumi released the first print of this ambitious series of 100 designs. Entirely self-carved and self-printed, the series would take nine years to complete during a period of rapid expanding and rebuilding of Tokyo and tumultuous political and social change in Japan. Koizumi's views of Tokyo reflected an interest in the modernization of the city while at the same time a sense of nostalgic pride in traditional Japan.

James Ulak et. al, Tokyo: The Imperial Capital, Woodblock Prints by Koizumi Kishio, 2003, p. 62, pl. 20



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