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Highlights of Japanese Printmaking Part 5 Yoshitoshi

Highlights of Japanese Printmaking: Part Six - The Baron J. Bachofen von Echt Collection of Golden Age Ukiyo-e

February 2020, by Katherine Martin
An extraordinary collection of Japanese woodblock prints, The Baron J. Bachofen von Echt Collection of Golden Age Ukiyo-e, is comprised of a highly selective group of twenty-two figural woodblock prints produced during a period considered the highpoint of the genre, known as the 'golden age' of ukiyo-e, reaching its peak in the last decade of the 18th century.


Highlights of Japanese Printmaking Part 5 Yoshitoshi

Highlights of Japanese Printmaking: Part Five - Yoshitoshi

March 2017, by Katherine Martin
A comprehensive catalogue devoted entirely to the work of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892), one of the last great ukiyo-e artists of the 19th century. Featuring 125 entries illustrating 183 woodblock prints (including a complete set of fifty prints mounted in an album); 138 pp., 196 color illustrations.


Highlights of Japanese Printmaking Part 4 Shunga

Highlights of Japanese Printmaking: Part Four - Shunga

March 2014, by Katherine Martin
Featuring 61 entries illustrating 170 woodblock prints (with 2 orihon albums of ten and twelve prints; 2 complete sets of three string-bound ehon; 3 complete sets of twelve chuban or oban prints; and 3 sets of twelve koban prints with fukuro). With works by: Harunobu, Koryusai, Shuncho, Kiyonaga, Utamaro, Hokusai, Shigenobu, Eizan, Eisen, and others. 92 pp., 189 color illustrations.

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Highlights of Japanese Printmaking Part 3

Highlights of Japanese Printmaking: Part Three - The International Perspective

November 2008, by Katherine Martin
This catalog explores the role played by American and European artists in the development of Japanese style woodblock printmaking in the 20th century. Featuring 50 entries illustrating 53 woodblock prints. With works by 30 artists, including: Arthur Wesley Dow, Emil Orlik, Helen Hyde, Bertha Lum, Fritz Capelari, Charles W. Bartlett, Elizabeth Keith, Lilian Miller, Pieter Irwin Brown, Mabel A. Royds, John Edgar Platt, Noël Nouët, Paul Jacoulet, Paul Binnie, and others. 64 pp., 59 color illustrations

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highlights of Japanese Printmaking Part 2

Highlights of Japanese Printmaking: Part Two - Shin Hanga

November 2006, by Katherine Martin
Featuring 100 entries illustrating 120 woodblock prints (with two complete sets of multiple prints and five entries with variant impressions); comprised of 62 bijin-ga, 43 landscapes, and 15 kabuki actor portraits. With works by 33 artists, including: Hakutei, Hiroaki (Shotei), Goyo, Shinsui, Hasui, Yoshida, Kotondo, Kiyoshi, Toyonari (Koka), Shunsen, and others. 125 pp., 125 color illustrations of prints and 35 thumbnails of limited edition seals


highlights of Japanese Printmaking Part 1

Highlights of Japanese Printmaking: Part One

November 2005
by Katherine Martin
Featuring 50 woodblock prints; comprised of 26 figural subjects and 24 landscapes. Including works by: Harunobu, Koryusai, Kiyonaga, Eishi, Utamaro, Hokusai, Hiroshige, and others. 62 pp. 50 color illustrations


expressions of style, netsuke as art

Expressions of Style: Netsuke as Art

September 2001
by Rosemary Bandini
Over 200 netsuke are represented in this catalog, which represents a breadth of carving styles, themes and artists. The works range from mythological creatures to animals of the zodiac, and from legendary personages to representations of common people. The accompanying text provides the historical and mythological background indispensable to understanding this miniature art form. Includes an illustrated index of signatures. 176 pp. 255 color illustrations.

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Delicate Divide

Delicate Divide: The Art of the Japanese Screen

March 2002
by Katherine Martin
The exhibition focuses on the decorative paintings found on Japanese folding screens or byobu. Eleven screens are lavishly presented in this all-color catalogue with numerous detail photographs. The schools represented are Kano, Tosa, Hasegawa, Rimpa, Maruyama-Shijo, and Nagasaki. Included is the Okuni kabuki screen, a wonderful example of early genre painting that provides a clear link between rakuchu-rakugai (scenes in and around Kyoto) screens and the development of early ukiyo-e. 58pp. 30 color illustrations.

Inaugural Catalog

Inaugural Exhibition Catalog

September 2000
by Katherine Martin
Compiled within these pages you will find a collection of traditional Japanese works of art, most dating to the Edo Period. This introductory exhibition presents the range and quality of works offered at Scholten Japanese Art: including 36 individual netsuke, 20 inro and pipe cases (most ensuite with netsuke), 12 lacquer works of art, 3 paintings, and 19 woodblock prints. 104pp. 118 color illustrations.


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