Yoshu Chikanobu Customs and Manners in the Eastern Capital, Make-up

Yoshu Chikanobu, 1838-1912

Preparatory Drawing of 'Customs and Manners in the Eastern Capital: No. 6, Make-up'
(Azuma fuzoku: Roku, sho)

sumi ink on paper with red under-drawing, lightly attached to paper backing at corners, roku (six), indicated in red in the lower right corner, with paper slips correcting the background and the position of the beauty's reflection in the mirror, ca. 1901

9 1/8 by 12 3/4 in., 23.3 by 32.4 cm

The red underdrawing and paper correction slips reveal multiple stages of the artist's process in significantly adjusting the composition. A second beauty standing to the right of the mirror sketched in red was not brought into the next version of the design when it was adapted into sumi ink. A cat seated facing away was changed into a reclining cat. In the next phase, details that had been inked were changed using slips of paper. Bare willow branches in the background are removed, a water basin on the verandah is enlarged, and the reflection of the beauty is shifted to the right which places her more central within the frame of the mirror.
(inv. no. C-1780)


Utagawa Yoshitaki

Reference woodblock print, ca. 1901


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