Watanabe Seitei Art World cover

Watanabe Seitei Shotei, 1851-1918

Preparatory Watercolor for cover illustration of 'Art World' magazine, vol 12, together with ehon vol. 11
(Bijutsu sekai maki juichi, Bijutsu sekai maki no juni)

sumi ink and watercolor on paper illustrating a still life of artist's tools including brushes and pigments beside an array of folding fans featuring the title of each volume, titled on the watercolor, Bijutsu sekai maki no juni (Art World, vol. 12), and inscribed in lower right corner, Kaneho; together with an intact copy of volume 11 which utilizes the same composition with different calligraphy on the folding fan, titled Bijutsu sekai maki juichi (Art World, vol. 11), the inside cover with color woodblock illustration of archaic seal beside two smaller seals; the introductory text signed Shiken sho with seal, followed by the table of contents which lists the artists for the color woodblock printed illustrations included within: Kawabe Mitate (1838-1905), Kunii Oyu (1868-1923), Kubota Beisen (1825-1906), Matsumoto Fuko (1840-1923), Yamada Bunko (1846-1902), Watanabe Seitei, Nomura Bunkyo (1854-1911), Kobayashi Eikou (1868-1933), Mishima Shoso (1856-1928), Kawasaki Chitora (1837-1902), and Tomioka Eisen (1864-1905); both vols. 11 and 12 published in October, 1891

watercolor 11 1/8 by 7 7/8 in., 28.2 by 20 cm
ehon 9 7/8 by 6 3/8 in., 25.1 by 16.2 cm

The artist Watanabe Seitei was the editor of Bijutsu sekai maki (Art World) magazine which was published by Wada Atsutaro of Shun'yodo in twenty-five volumes from 1890--1894.
(inv. no. C-1787)


Watanabe Seitei
A selection of images within the magazine


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