ON THE VANGUARD: Meiji Period Woodblock Prints

New York Asia Week, March 11–20, 2021
by appointment only

Online exhibition:
Cultures Collide Part – 1 →
On the Front Lines – Part 2 →

A two-part exhibition exploring how artists responded to the introduction of foreign elements as Japan opened up to the West in the Meiji Period (1868-1912). The artists on the vanguard lead the way by balancing society’s intermittent longing for ‘Old Japan’ while adapting, and even embracing, a changing world. Part One- Cultures Collide, offers a selection of prints either celebrating Western influence or resisting the march toward modernity by embracing nostalgia. Part Two–On the Front Lines, presents a group of prints issued in a burst of creative productivity when Japan entered the international theater of war in 1894-95 with China, and again in 1904-05 with Russia.


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