Katsushika Hokusai, 1760-1849

A Journey to the Waterfalls in All the Provinces: Pilgrims at Roben Waterfall
(Shokoku Taki Meguri: Soshu Oyama Roben no Taki)

pilgrims taking a ritual bath in Roben waterfall enroute to Oyama shrine in Sagami Province (now Kanagawa Prefecture); signed zen Hokusai Iitsu hitsu, with censor's seal Kiwame and publisher's seal Eijudo (Nishimuraya Yohachi), with further references to the publisher within the composition: the character 'Ei' is found on the hat hanging on the wooden fence in the foreground, while the character 'Ju' and the Eijudo trademark are on the kimono of the man at lower left, the trademark is repeated again on two hats stacked at the far right, ca. 1832

oban tate-e 15 1/8 by 10 3/8 in., 38.4 by 26.3 cm

Gian Carlo Calza, Hokusai: Il vecchio pazzo per la pittura, 1999, p. 344, no. V48.4
Matthi Forrer, Hokusai: Prints and Drawings, 1991, no. 45



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