kakemono (hanging scroll)
Evening Cool at Okawabata
Summertime Riverbank
Taisho period landscapes
Eight Views of Omi: Miidera
Eight Views of Omi: Ishiyamadera
Eight Views of Omi: Karasaki
The Floating Pavilion at Katada
Minstrel at Ikenohata
Taisho-Showa period bijinga (pictures of beautiful women)
Hair Style of a Married Woman
Evening Cool
Drizzling Rain
Ito Shinsui, Black Collar
Shinsui, Eyebrow Pencil
Second Series of Modern Beauties: Bright Autumn
shinsui, Beauty Admiring Red Blossoms in Snow
shinsui, Purple Hood
shinsui, Ideal Japanese Woman
Ito Shinsui, Hand Mirror
shinsui, Backstage
Green Garden
Ito Shinsui, Clock and Beauty, no. IV
Twelve images of modern beauties (Shin bijin junisugata)
12 Modern Beauties: Bathing in Early Summer
shinsui, Cotton Kimono
shinsui, Snowy Night
Contemplating the Coming Spring
The first series of modern beauties (Gendai bijinshu dai-isshu)
First Series of Modern Beauties: New Cotton Kimono
First Series of Modern Beauties: Rouge
Ito Shinsui: Gifu Paper Lantern
Snow at the Shrine
Shrine keyblock proof
After a Bath
shinsui Hand Mirror
shinsui Digging Seashells
shinsui, Catching Fireflies
The second series of modern beauties (Gendai bijinshu dai-nishu)
Second Series Modern Beauties: Hazy Moon
shinsui Footwarmer
shinsui Snowstorm
Second Series of Modern Beauties: Firefly
After Washing her Hair
Second Series of Modern Beauties: Nails

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