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Charles W. Bartlett, (English, 1860-1940)

2nd Series. Japan: Kyoto

Color woodblock print. The artist's CWB monogram in the composition at lower left, with the title and date cartouche, KYOTO. 1916. Published by Watanabe Shôzaburô.

25.4 by 37.9 cm

Alternate title: The Bridge

Bartlett and his wife traveled to the continent frequently, and in 1913, they commenced a three-year trip around the world, reaching Japan in late 1915. Not long after his arrival, Bartlett visited the studio of the print publisher, Watanabe Shôzaburô, who probably would have been working on Fritz Capelari (cat. nos. 11-12) prints at the time. Bartlett showed a selection of watercolor sketches from his travels which Watanabe proposed developing into woodblock prints, but first he had Bartlett convert the pencil-based designs to Japanese brush and ink paintings in order to facilitate the block carving process.

During this first trip to Japan in 1915, the Bartletts met Elizabeth Keith (cat. no. 17), and became fast friends. Keith, an amateur artist with no known academic training, would eventually become another foreign artist to produce prints with Watanabe, but not until 1919.

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