Araki Kanpo

Araki Kanpo signature
Araki Kanpo signature
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Araki Kanpo signature
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Araki Kanpo detail

Araki Kanpo (1831-1915)

Leopard Flower and Two Roosters
(Hiougi sokei zu)

hanging scroll; ink and color on silk, signed Hachijuyon okina (at the age of eighty-four), Kanpo, with artist's seals Kanpo and Kanpo; accompanied by tomobako titled Hiougi sokei zu, and signed and dated Taisho san kinoe tora chu shu (Taisho 3 [1914], cyclical year of wood, zodiac year of the tiger, mid-autumn) Kanpo ki with artist's seal Kanpo

painting: 49 by 16 1/8 in., 124.4 by 41 cm
overall: 81 7/8 by 21 5/8 in; 208 by 55 cm

Araki Kanpo was born Tanaka Kozaburo in Shiba Akabane, Edo (Tokyo) where his family had served the Zojoji temple for many generations. In 1839 his father arranged a place for him with the kacho-ga artist Araki Kankai (1789-1860) of the Tani Buncho school who was a relative of the chief priest at the temple. Although the master had already adopted another artist as his son and successor, in 1852 Kankai also adopted Kanpo. Early in his career, Kanpo was retained by a governor of Tosa, however that position was eliminated with Meiji restoration. Nevertheless, Kanpo's career did not suffer and he continued to receive commissions and recognition; in 1872 he won an award at the Vienna Exposition for a painting of chrysanthemums. Kanpo was particularly well-known for his depictions of peacocks and roosters.

Hiougi, or leopard flower (also known as the blackberry lily) is native to Japan and in the same family of flowers as irises (iridaceae).

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