unsigned ivory netsuke

18th century

standing announcer

height 8.9 cm

wearing a short belted robe and soft cloth hat, he prepares to bang two sticks together to draw attention as he calls out the detail of some upcoming event, the sleeves of his jacket are tied behind his back so that they will not encumber his movements

Even today traditional entertainments, such as sumo, are announced by street announcers who beat drums, clack sticks together, and call out details in a singsong voice. This piece has previously been erroneously described as a manzai dancer. Davey notes that it is recorded with a drawing in the MCI.

Ex Fairley Collection
Ex M. T. Hindson Collection

N. K. Davey, Netsuke, London, 1974, p. 361 no. 1087.
Expressions of Style: Netsuke as Art, Scholten Japanese Art, New York, August 2001, no. 14


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