Ranichi ivory netsuke

Kyoto, late 18th-early 19th century

rabbit and persimmon

1 3/8 in., 3.5 cm

plump spotted hare nibbling on a persimmon grasped with its right forepaw while sitting on the stem with the leaf curling up along its side, the well rounded body with fine hair work and lightly stained piebald coat, and eyes inlaid with translucent stone, signed Ranichi

According to Ueda Reikichi in The Netsuke Handbook, Bushell, 1961, p. 273), Ranichi was a student of Rantei and worked during the Kansei era (1789-1801) and excelled at carving animals. For a drawing of a nearly identical example see The Meinertzhagen Card Index, p. 635.

Scholten Japanese Art Exhibition Catalogue 2000, New York, September 2000, no. 9


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