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Yasuji (Tankei)

Inoue Yasuji (Tankei)


Self-made Men Worthy of Emulation: no. 21, Soga Brothers
(Kyodo Risshi no Moto: Soga)

with karazuri (embossed) pattern on Manko's white robe, the series title, Kyodo Risshi no Moto, in a banner above the composition framed by a decorative brocade border, signed Inoue Tankei ga, the stylized cartouche on the bottom margin with the design number, 21, with publication date to the right, Meiji nijuninen yongatsu - day (Meiji 22 [1889], April - day) and to the left, Gako ken shuppan Matsuki Heikichi Ryogoku Yoshikawacho 2-banchi, originally published in 1885 by Matsuki Heikichi of Daikokuya, this edition with recut blocks issued in 1889

oban tate-e 4 3/8 by 9 3/8 in., 36.5 by 23.8 cm

The famous Soga brothers, Ichiman-maru (later Juro Sukenari) and Hako-o (later Goro Tokimune) in a garden visiting their mother Manko, before they depart for their vendetta. Ichiman-maru is pointing at the geese flying in the sky and talking to the seated Hako-o-maru.

The Lavenberg Collection of Japanese Prints (
(inv. no. 10-3264z)

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