Hiroshi Yoshida


Europe Series: Ruins of Athens (Acropolis- Night)
(Oushu: Azensu no Koseki)

with artist's red seal Hiroshi at lower left, and large red jizuri (self-printed) seal at upper left margin, dated below, Taisho juyonen saku (work of Taisho 14 [1925]), followed by the title, Azensu no koseki, 1925

oban yoko-e 11 1/4 by 16 1/8 in., 28.5 by 41 cm

In comparison with the predominantly dark blue palette of the Acropolis- Night examples illustrated in the publications referenced below, the palette of this impression is lighter overall with subtle gradations of color that introduce purple and violet hues. Although this print has the jizuri seal confirming the artist's supervision or oversight of the production (and indicating it met with his approval), the missing sumi ink and pencil signatures suggest this may have been a test print exploring the mid-tones of color between the dark greys and blues of Acropolis- Night and the violets and purples of Acropolis- Day.

Ogura Tadao, Yoshida Hiroshi mokuhangashu (The Complete Woodblock Prints of Hiroshi Yoshida), Abe Shuppan, Tokyo, 1987, p. 47, no. 23
Brown, Kendall H. & Goodall-Cristante, Hollis, Shin-Hanga, New Prints in Modern Japan, 1996, p. 43, figs. 40 & 41
Ogura Tadao, Yoshida Hiroshi ten: shizen-e no manazashi, tokubetsuten, botosugo 50 shunen kinen (Yoshida Hiroshi Exhibition), MOA, 2000, p. 111, no. 150

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