Ito Shinsui


The First Collection of Modern Beauties: Snow at the Shrine
(Gendai bijin shu dai isshu: Shato no yuki)

beauty walking holding an umbrella; signed and dated Showa gonen kanoe-uma fuyu Shinsui ga (Showa 5 [1930], year of the horse, winter by Shinsui), with artist's red seal Shinsui, followed by red seal tame shizuri (test print), and round seal Watanabe, 1930

dai oban tate-e 16 7/8 by 10 7/8 in., 43 by 27.7 cm

Tadasu Watanabe, Ito Shinsui: All the Woodblock Prints, 1992, p. 94, no. 57
Amy Reigle Newland and Hamanaka Shinji, The female image: 20th century prints of Japanese beauties, 2000, p. 66, no. 61
Andreas Marks, Seven Masters: 20th Century Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Wells Collection, 2015, p. 124, cat. no. 74

price:$ 4,500

Ito Shinsui
title slip from original folder


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