Koka (Toyonari)

Yamamura Koka (Toyonari)


Buddha's Hand with Navel Oranges
(Busshukan to neburu)

signed Toyonari with date seal Taisho hinoe tora (Taisho, year of the fire tiger [1926]), self-published via the Yamamura Koka Hanga Kankokai, ca. 1926

dai oban yoko-e 10 7/8 by 15 5/8 in., 27.7 by 39.8 cm

In 1924 Toyonari self-published (with the support of the Publication Society of Yamamura Koka's Prints) a group of ten prints that expanded his range beyond kabuki portraits with an untitled set that included images of beauties, landscapes, still-life, and bird-and-flower subjects. The prints explored a greater abstraction with bold colorization, in this composition embracing an emerging modern woodlock print aesthetic emphasizing the black outline and flat planes of color.

While Toyonari's printed works were never produced in great abundance (and published in limited editions), his stylish bird and flower subjects from the 1924 group are comparatively more scarce than even some of his pre-earthquake portraits of actors; likely indicative of a smaller distribution at the time of production than the kabuki portraits which benefited from a much wider audience.

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(inv. no. C-1721)

price: $2,000


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