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Ishii Tsuruzo


White Onagadori with Blue Background and Test Print with Pink Background (2 prints)

both signed Ishi Tsuruzo with artist's seal (unread); the blue impression with publisher's small red 'Ha' (feather) seal in lower left corner and publisher's seal on verso, Hanken shoyu (copyright ownership) Kaku-ha shoten; the pink impression with publisher's seal Hanken shoyu (copyright ownership) Toyota Ikunosuke, and impressed stamp 'Made in Japan', ca. 1933 (year of the rooster)

blue 14 7/8 by 6 3/4 in., 37.8 by 17 cm
pink 15 1/8 by 6 3/4 in., 38.3 by 17.3 cm

The impression with the pink background is undoubtably an early test print with a notation in ink within the composition instructing the carver to remove a leaf which is too near the rooster's beak and interferring with the bird's profile. Indeed the correction was incorporated as evidenced by this blue impression and other extant impressions of this design with pink or blue backgrounds with the leaf removed.

price: $ 400

Ishii Tsuruzo

detail of correction


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