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Yoshimi Rogetsu


Three Rats and a Feather-Duster

hanging scroll, ink on silk; signed Rogetsu with seal Rogetsu, ca. late 19th century

painting 51.8 by 31.2 cm
overall 128 by 71.3 cm

Yoshimi Rogetsu (born Yoshimi Hiroshi) was a student of Nagasawa Roshu (1767-1847), who was the adoptive son and son-in-law of the great eccentric Maruyama painter, Nagasawa Rosetsu (1754-1799). Yoshimi used the go (artist's names) Rogetsu and Nanzan and is credited with helping revive the Maruyama school of painting in the 19th century. He also produced surimono (privately printed) woodblock prints.

The subject of this painting of three rats makes an interesting comparison with a painting of a similar composition by Rosetsu (in a sense, Rogetsu's artistic grandfather) in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (accession no. 11.4763).

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Yoshimi Rogetsu

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston accession no. no. 11.4763

Yoshimi Rogetsu



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