Suzuki Harunobu

ca. 1724-70

Beauty and Her Attendant Passing a Chrysanthemum Display

unsigned, ca. 1766

chuban tate-e 11 1/4 by 8 1/2 in., 28.7 by 21.6 cm

The simplicity of the background, scale of the figures, and the subtle angles of the facial features are similar to Harunobu prints which are generally dated to his earlier period at the start of nishiki-e (brocade print) production, from Meiwa 2 (1765) onward.

For comparison, see Hillier for a signed work illustrating a courtesan and her kamuro who is angling a mirror to see the face a komuso beneath his large woven hat (cat. no. 36); and an unsigned example featuring a courtesan on parade with a full retinue of two kamuro and two shinzo (cat. no. 40).

Jack Hillier, Suzuki Harunobu: A Selection of His Color Prints and Illustrated Books, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1970, p. 83, cat. no. 36; and p. 88, no. 40 (inv. no. 10-4630)

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