Pilgrimage of Zenzai Doji

Zenzai Doji

unsigned, 14th century (late Kamakura period)

Pilgrimage of Zenzai Doji in Fifty-Five Stages:

Forty-Seven, Enlightened Master Kengo
(Kegon Gojugo-sho Emaki: Kengo Gedatsu Choja )

handscroll fragment mounted as a hanging scroll; ink on colors on paper

painting 12 3/4 by 14 3/8 in., 32.3 by 36.5 cm
overall 45 5/8 by 18 7/8 in.; 116 by 48 cm

Kengo, a gold and silver craftsman, sits on a rattan chair and while preaching to Zaizen.

Translation of inscription
I have been meditating peacefully since I had reached serene enlightenment. I am simply and purely searching for the truth of Buddha. Visit Myogetsu who lives in this castle.


Pilgrimage of Zenzai Doji


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