Isoda Koryusai Yoshiwara Verandah

Isoda Koryusai, fl. ca. 1764-1789

Yoshiwara Verandah

one sheet from an untitled series; a customer makes love to a courtesan while she leans over the railing of a verandah; signed Koryu ga in the background on the painted fusuma panel, ca. 1772

chuban yoko-e 8 1/4 by 11 1/8 in., 21.1 by 28.2 cm

Their location is likely the upper floor of a building in the Yoshiwara; below is a view of the Sumida River which is bustling with activity. On the distant shore there is a willow tree which may be the well-known mikaeri yanagi ('gazing back willow'), a landmark from which visitors departing the pleasure quarters could look back for a final glimpse and cherish the memory of the previous evening.

This impression published:
Klompmakers, Japanese Erotic Prints, 2001, p.81, cat. C.1
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no. 23a

Shirakura, Eiri shunga ehon mokuroku, 2007, pp. 190 & 229



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