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Presented here are woodblock prints categorized as sosaku-hanga. Use the prints tab in the toolbar above to navigate to all artists and other genres or visit recent print additions to see all newly added prints.

Kyohei Inukai, 1913-1985
Cat on a Table
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Junichiro Sekino, 1914-1988
Twelve Months of Maiko: Morning Glories
((Maiko juni kagetsu: Asagao))
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Junichiro Sekino, 1914-1988
Various Artists- Collection of Works by the Print Appreciation Society: Vol 2
(Hanga kanshokai sakuhin-shu: ni)
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Modern Japanese woodblock prints produced by the artist as the sole creator are known as sosaku-hanga (lit. 'creative prints'). Sosaku-hanga artists emphasized the importance of 'self-drawn' (jiga), 'self-carved' (jikoku), and 'self-printed' (jizuri) in the printing process. Stylistically, sosaku-hanga prints tend to lean towards abstract expressionist compositions.

various sosaku hanga artists

Kyohei Inukai

Fumio Kitaoka

Tobari Kogan

Shiko Munakata

Kiyoshi Saito

Kiyoshi Saito Pansy



Junichiro Sekino

Koichi Sewai

Inagaki Tomoo

Ansei Uchima

Hiratsuka Un'ichi


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