Seiki Yokoyama painting
Seiki Yokoyama

Seiki Yokoyama (1792-1864)

Club (Tetsubo)

hanging scroll, ink and color on paper; signed Seiki isho with artist's seal Seiki kore (wo) shoga ki, mid-19th century

painting: 54 3/8 by 12 5/8 in., 138 by 32 cm
overall: 77 1/2 by 17 3/8, 197 by 44 cm

Yokoyama Seiki (1793-1865) was a student of Matsumura Keibun (1779-1843), a leading Shijo school painter. Seiki excelled at bird and flowers, and landscape paintings. This haiga (haiku poem with painting) reveals a more humorous side of his work. The subject, a large spiked club or mace (tetsubo, known as the 'Devil's Rod' in Zen Buddhism), is a reference to Emma-O, the King of Hell. The poem admonishes the viewer to live a pious life to avoid facing the deity in the afterlife.

Kono oo wo
osoruru hitoha

Those who fear the King
who holds this club
will find the path to heaven


Seiki Yokoyama signature

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