Paul Binnie

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'Wait a Moment'

A Comparison of Contemporary World Fashion

A Frontispiece Illustration of 1900

A Modern Girl [of 1920]

A Thousand Stitch Belt [of 1940]

Acropolis - Night

Acropolis original conte drawing

Acropolis original pencil drawing (on site)

Actor Ichikawa Ennosuke as the Demon Kurozuka

Actor Nakamura Baigyoku as Togashi

After The Bath


Alluring Figure

Alluring Figure Preparatory Drawing

Alluring Figure Preparatory Drawing (with border)


Autumn Sky and Night Sky

Bando Mitsugoro in the Role of an Evil Aristocrat

Bando Tamasaburo as the Spirit of the Heron

Bang Bang

Benkei in Kanjincho

Black Storm



Blue Smoke

Cafe Waitress of 1930

Cafe Waitress preparatory drawing (small format, finished composition)

Cafe Waitress- 1st Study preparatory drawing

Cafe Waitress- preparatory drawing (smaller format)


Cat Feathers Blue

Cat Feathers Red

Cat Feathers: Dark Magic

Cat in the Rain

Celadon Censer

Cell Phone [of 1980]


Cherry Blossoms at Ueno

Cloud Shadows, Grand Canyon

Cloud Shadows, Grand Canyon Color Test II (Pale Variant)

Complete Set of Three 90/100

Contact Lens Preperatory Drawing

Contact Lens Preperatory Drawing (with border)

Contact Lens [of 1970]

Cool Breeze


Daisuke (explicit)

Dawn and Dusk

Dawn Moon

Deer in the Snow

Dragon and Demon

Dress Rehersal Kabuki-za
(group of 5 sheets with sketches of actors)

Eisen's Blue-Printed Pictures

Ennosuke's Nikki Danjo

First Night

Floating Clouds


General Kagekiyo

Hair Combing

Harunobu's Bathtub

Hat Dance in Musume Dojoji

Hell Courtesan

Himeji Castle

Hiroshige's Edo

Hokusai's Waterfalls

Ichikawa Danjuro as Benkei in Kanjincho

Ichikawa Danjuro XII in Shibaraku

Ichikawa Danshiro as Benkei

Ichikawa Ennosuke as Nikki Danjo

Jin (explicit)


Kabuki Actor Cartoon


Kabukicho Color Separation Proofs

Kiyonaga's Pipe

Kunisada's Danjuro

Kuniyoshi's Cats

Kura (Warehouse) in Yamagata

Lingering Dreams

Little Black & White Cat

Little Grey Cat

Little Grey Cat (Pale)






Manabu (explicit)

Maple Leaves

Maroon Hakama [of 1910]


Moga Study

Moon Viewing

Moonlight Dance

Morning Tears

Mountain Temple in Yamagata

Nakamura Ganjiro in the Love Suicides at Sonezaki

Nakamura Jakuemon as the Wisteria Maiden

Nakamura Shikan as Ohatsu in Kagamiyama

Nakamura Utaemon as Agemaki in Sukeroku



New York (keyblock proof)

New York Night (dark teal variant, 67/100)

New York Night (Prussian blue variant, 88/100)

New York Night (violet variant, 37/100)

New York Night T/P (gomazuri sky - black/cobalt)

New York Night Test (gomazuri sky - black/Prussian blue)

New York Sunset (The Woolworth Building)

New York Sunset Test (pale orange sky)

Niagara Falls

Night View of Yomeimon Gate

Onoe Baiko VII as the Snake Spirit in Musume Dojoji

Onoe Baiko VII as the Snake Spirit in Musume Dojoji (cropped version)

Orchid - Morning

Orchid - Night

Pheonix Dreams Partial Color Keyblock Proof


Protest March [of 1960]


Purple Clouds

Rain Shower

Red Reverse: Osamu Sleeping


Sankeien Garden

Sanskrit (explicit)

Sharaku's Caricatures


Sleeping Boy: Osamu

Sleeping Woman

Snow at Asakusa


Study of a Noh Actor

Study of a Young Yakuza

Sumo Umpire I


Supple Reverberation - Jack



The Arrowhead

The Courtesan Agemaki

The Demon Ibaraki

The Feathered Robe

The Goat Trail, Black's Beach: Golden Sunlight

The Goat Trail, Black's Beach: Moonrise

The Governess Masaoka

The Hero Sukeroku

The Maiden at Dojo Temple

The Repelling Hero

The Steps at Black's Beach: Moonlight

The Steps at Black's Beach: Sunset

The Thunder God

The Torii Gate at Miyajima

The Tweezers

Thousand Stitch Belt preparatory drawing

Thousand Stitch Belt preparatory drawing (loose hair)

Thousand Stitch Belt prepatory drawing (holding belt)

Tokyo Night

Tokyo Nostalgia




Ushiwakamaru and Benkei

Ushiwakamaru and Benkei (darker palette)

Utamaro's Erotica

Vast Heavens



Votes for Women preparatory drawing (scaled to size)

Votes for Women [of 1950]

Waiting Time

Watercolor Painting of Actor Enjaku as Otokonosuke

White Cat


Yoshitoshi's Ghosts

Young Man in Summer


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