Yakukinro restaurant in the Shintomi District

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, 1839-1892

A Comparison of the Special Dishes of Restaurants in the Imperial City: The Yakukinro restaurant in the Shintomi District
(Koto kaiseki beppin kurabe: Shintomi-cho Yakukinro)

with a dusting of mica on the snow on the roof and in the lower left corner; signed oju Yoshitoshi with artist's seal Taiso, and in the red cartouche Hohitsu (assistant brush) Toshiyuki, with publisher's date and address seal Meiji juichinen, shigatsu, nika; [Tokyo Nihonbashi-dori] Nichome 4-banchi, shuppanjin Kobayashi Tatsujiro (Meiji 11 [1878], April 2) of Maruya Tetsujiro of Enjudo

oban tate-e 14 5/8 by 10 in., 37 by 25.4 cm

The beauty at left is identified as Iro of the Owariya, and in the background is Yonekichi of the Kameya.



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